A New Standard of Tokyo 東京スカイツリー

Tokyo Skytree is the new symbol of Tokyo. It is constructed with the combination of the ancient Japanese and the newest technology. It stands there quietly to watch over people in Tokyo.
The image of Skytree is a giant tree that is extending into the sky. The silhouette is from the image of the Japanese tradition building “So-Ri” and “Mu-Ku-Ri” which symbolized people united together and people’s hearts are closed to each other under the giant tree. From the name of Skytree, it is trying to express the image of clear blue sky and plenteous greenness. They want to communicate to people that they are aiming to build up an earth-friendly and plentiful community.

Tembo Galleria 天望回廊

Tembo Galleria located 450 meter high, is the world’s highest skywalk, the Tembo Galleria consists of a sloping spiral ramp that gains height as it circles the tower. The construction of the steel and glass tube allows visitors to look down from the tower and out over the Kanto Region to spectacular distances.

1000Yen($11CAD)Add on from the Tembo Deck Ticket.

Tembo Deck 天望デッキ

Tembo deck 350 meters height, lower of the two decks, spans three levels with great views from all of its floors. The top floor features tall, broad windows that offer some of the best 360 degree panoramic views of the city. The middle floor has a souvenir shop and the Musashi Sky Restaurant, which serves French-Japanese fusion cuisine.

Planetarium Tenku コニカミノルタプラネタリウム天空

The planetarium is the concept of “thoroughly enjoy the starry sky”, a combination of aurora, music and video.
It a leisure spot to enjoy your family time or as a date spot or as it will deliver the excitement of the starry sky.

Sumida Aquarium すみだ水族館

Sumida aquarium is a well laid out aquarium with all different types of fish, jellyfish, seals and penguins. If you wait around the penguin area, the workers usually come to feed the penguins.

Tokyo Solamachi  東京ソラマチ

Tokyo Solamachi is at the base of Tokyo Skytree, you can enjoy shopping, and dining.
Over 300 shops in Solamachi. Great place to get souvenirs.


The two major lighting styles. “Iki”, the spirit of Edo, and “Miyabi”, its aesthetics, that operate alternately. They express the concept that ‘today’  is connected to ‘tomorrow’, and, beyond tomorrow expands the ‘future’.

心意気の[粋] ‘Iki’, the essence of ‘Kokoroiki’ (on left)

The straightforward down-to-earth spirit of Edo commoners, is represented in the pale blue light with the motif of the water of Sumida River, which focuses on the center pillar “Shimbashira” of the tower.

美意識の[雅] ‘Miyabi’, the Aesthetics (on Right)

The aesthetic sense, expresses an elegant and dignified image of the tower by showing its intricate steel structure. The theme color is Edo purple shining with a well-balanced sprinkle of gold foil-like lights.


Tokyo Skytree Address: 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida, Tokyo 131-0045, Japan
[The Closest Station]
Tokyo Skytree Station とうきょうスカイツリー駅
– Tobu Skytree Line-
Oshiage -Skytree- Station 押上(スカイ ツリー前)駅
– Tobu Skytree Line –
– Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line –
– Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line –
– Keisei Narita Airport Line –
– Toei Asakusa Line –
[Skytree Shuttle Bus]
From Tokyo Station(30min. 500JPY)
From Ueno Station(25 ~ 30min. 420JPY)
From Haneda Airport (50 ~ 70min. 900JPY)
From Tokyo Disney Resort (45 ~ 55min. 700JPY)

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