Audrey’s Moment: The Wonderland of English Hightea & Savoury Creation イギリス風のハイティー・香ばしき食事のワンダーランド

Audrey’s Moment is the one and only place to enjoy a relaxing English Hightea in Burnaby. It’s a secret gem situated just a few steps from Kingsway and Royal Oak Ave, which makes location quiet yet convenient. The name “Audrey” carries the meaning of “bringing people to the illusion world, escaping from the reality, and taking you onto a wonderful journey. Audrey’s Moment brings you to a peaceful and dreamlike dimension, away from the crowdedness in the city.

Everything here is made from fresh ingredients, and everything is freshly baked every day. Not only does Audrey’s Moments’ Chef Tso chooses healthy and natural ingredients for their highteas and dishes, he also cares about each individual customer’s health and well-being, and pays much attention to small details to ensure the best experience possible. For example, from their heartwarming menu, you can tell that he creates not only hightea but also some savoury dishes to balance out their collection.



Luxury Hightea set :

Sweets – Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta Zero-Calorie yogurt and fresh grapefruit skin slice is used to create this refreshing dish. Personally recommended! Chocolate Peanut Tart use top-quality INAYA chocolate from France. House Special Mousse Cake Chef Tso’s original creation. It is created to perfection with various seasonal fruits. Fresh Strawberry Napoleon Cake Fresh strawberry is used and is freshly baked. Macaroon of your choice No food coloring is added. Each macaroon is crispy and flexible, and each macaroon tastes slightly different too. Personally recommended!

Scones – Blackcurrant Scone Different from other scones in other restaurants or cafes, the scones here are not at all hard and dry. With blackcurrant to add a nice bit of flavour in the scone, it provides just the right amount of sweetness and fragrance. Bacon & Spinach Quiche Combination of spinach, bacon and mashed potato. A slightly salty dish. Served with Mascarpone Cheese & seasonal Jam.

Savoury – Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon Ciabatta Smoke Sockeye salmon with secret home-made sauce. It is not as salty compared to other salmon dishes. Potato Salad & Tiger Prawn Sandwich Fresh tiger prawn with chef’s secret sauce. Seafood Basket The chef’s original creation; made with curry powder, real lobster and crab meat. Personally recommended! Salami Croissant: croissant is freshly made in house with salami. Prosciutto Top-quality prosciutto and secret homemade sauce are used in this dish. Personally recommended!

Chef’s recommendation:
1 Formosa White Oolong Tea:
Champion tea in 2014. It’s for tea expert.
2 Rose Tea:
A whole rose is used to create this tea.

Returning customer’s favourite:
1 Puff Pastry Soup

Audrey’s Moment serves you more than just an English hightea. They have many desserts in stock, cupcakes, savoury plates such as pastry soup, salad, pasta and so on. Pasta sauce is freshly made in house, the recipe created by the chef. In particular, for Seafood Lover Pasta, chef Tso uses fresh seafood (prawn, clams and scallops) as its ingredients. Everything serves all day round! Some out-of-menu items may be available upon request.

Chef :

Alvin Tso

• 13 years of experience in restaurant and pastry industries

• Graduated from VCC Culinary Art and Baking Pastry Art in 2002

• He went to work in Taiwan as a pastry chef for 7 years.

• Had worked in Abu Authentic Cuisine as a pastry chef, which was a fine French cuisine restaurant. It was owned and operated by a French chef and the main chefs were from Italy and Austria who were Golden Award Chefs.

• Also, he had worked in Beata te’ Ristorante Italiano in Bellavita as a pastry chef.

With Chef Tso’s strong creativity, he holds many new ideas about how ingredients can be mixed and matched to create a delicious dish. In Audrey’s Moment, to maintain the health of each customer, they choose their ingredients with utmost care, and you will find that everything is not too sweet nor too salty.

Facebook: Audrey’s Moment 

Audrey’s Moment

604.454.0927 | 120B-6540 Burlington Ave, Burnaby
Open Wed – Mon 11am to 7pm Audrey’s Moment

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