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YVR~HND  3月30日から就航!

ANA: 5-stars connection between Vancouver and Tokyo

ANA is awarded the highest rating “5-stars” at the forefront of product and service delivery by the world’s leading airline and airport review site, SKYTRAX. Only 6 other airlines have earned a 5-stars rating from SKYTRAX, and ANA is the first Japanese carrier in history to achieve this award.

Inaugural Event at YVR

It was such a great event in year of 2014. Flowers, live music performance, food, and people gathered together at the gate celebrating the first flight of ANA from Vancouver to Tokyo Haneda. It is an honor that KLIP is invited to witness the first ANA flight’s touch down and the water salute. It was a very powerful and dignified scene. After the speeches and the ceremonies, people enjoyed the feast prepared by ANA. Happy and satisfied faces were everywhere.

In the aircraft : Services and Foods

Time to board the aircraft! ANA was flying the Boeing 767-300ER this time from Vancouver to Tokyo Haneda. It’s not a new model, but it was quite comfortable in the cabin. The cabin attendants were very attentive and satisfactory, they came right after I was seated asking if I needed cabin wear, newspapers, or drinks. After my experience with their services in the rounded trip from Vancouver to Tokyo, ANA really does deserves to be the 5-stars rating airline in my opinion.

On board any ANA flight, “CONNOISSEURS”, develops all the In-flight Meals. The team is composed of 10 renowned chefs, 5 beverage specialists and 9 of ANA’s own catering chefs. The menus are full of originality with a touch of Japanese style and are very tasty. If you get hungry in-between meals, ANA also provides a variety of light meals such as fruit, snacks, and Ippudo ramen (business class only). ANA offers their original drinks such as “Kabosu” and original blend coffee during in-flight break as well.

Haneda Airport
ANA is the biggest airline carrier in Haneda. Starting from March 30, 2014, ANA is introducing services to Vancouver, Canada and Hanoi, Vietnam and increasing the flight to other international cities.

In order to serve the increasing number of oversea travellers, Haneda Airport expanded the international departure level with more shops and restaurants. ANA also upgraded their airport lounges for the customers. Even if you were there for a few hours waiting for transfer, I believe you will enjoy exploring and shopping around Hanada Airport!

For the travellers travelling back to Asia, it is nice to take a little vacation in Tokyo before heading back home. Compared to flying to Narita, flying to Haneda saves you time getting to downtown Tokyo and you can explore the city faster!


The monorail connects you directly to Hamamatsucho in downtown Tokyo just in 13 minutes from Haneda Airport. Once you arrive Hamamatsucho by Tokyo monorail, you can transfer to JR Yamanote line which takes you to all the famous districts in Tokyo, such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Tokyo station, Ikebukuro, and Ueno.

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