TANGRAM Creamery 簡單中見無限創意 Infinite Creativity in Simplicity

位於Arbutus大街一角的創意雪糕小店Tangram Creamery, 店舖名字來自中國的七巧板,以簡單圖形拼湊出千變萬化的圖案,簡單中見無限創意。


Want to take a break from the depressing Raincouver? Tangram Creamery at 2729 Arbutus Street will definitely be your newest destination. The idea of the name “Tangram Creamery” comes from the Chinese traditional puzzle Tangram, meaning “infinite creativity in simplicity”. Similar to their industrial and raw interior design, the store uses concrete walls with wooden furniture; simple, warm but trendy.

食物方面,Tangram Creamery 為了提供最專業的服務和最優質的飲食,現時只提供了雪糕和咖啡兩大類的食品。Tangram Creamery 推出的雪糕口味不多,一般有十種;但口味獨特,每款都是由日本甜品師 Kazushi 先生親自主理。除了王牌口味大溪地雲哩拿、雙重巧克力和抹茶外,還有多款用料豐富的雪糕口味如鹽味焦糖及芒果雪葩,小編個人推介像港式奶茶的焙茶(Hoj i Cha)、味道濃郁的危地馬拉咖啡及清新的荔枝雪葩。

Tangram Creamery 所使用的雪糕筒不是用普通的華夫餅、而是以法式小餅乾 Langues de Chat 的作法人手烤焗而成,所以雪糕筒的餅皮較一般的餅皮更具口感,味道帶甜而不乾澀,Tangram Creamery更貼心的將雪糕筒的尾部蘸上巧克力,解決了雪糕融化時透過雪糕筒滴漏的問題。
更不能錯過的,是 Tangram Creamery 所推出的創意甜品﹣Macaroon Ice,用馬卡龍裹著一層厚厚的雪糕。現時 Macaroon Ice的口味有覆盤子,抹茶,芒果及黑芝麻,甜而不膩,是Tangram Creamery 的自信之作。

在咖啡方面,Tangram Creamery 對其出品同樣專業認真。店主之一 Michael 有多年鑒定咖啡的經驗,對咖啡質素有深厚認識和嚴格要求。店內售有自家品牌的咖啡,其咖啡豆來自BC本地的農場種植並烘焙,質量有一定保證。Tangram Creamery 所出品的咖啡有強烈的水果香味,味道清爽,用作 Affogato(Expresso 咖啡配雪糕)的咖啡,能與不同口味雪糕達至美妙的平衡。
單是雪糕和咖啡兩種簡單的食物就能激盪出多種配搭,這就是 Tangram Creamery 的創意以及對食物的認真和堅持。想在繁忙之中休息一下,享受一客用心製作的雪糕、或是一杯認真調配的咖啡?來 Tangram Creamery 一定能滿足你!

Serving only ice-cream and coffee, Tangram Creamery continuously challenges creativity and improves food quality in order to provide the best experience for their customers. All the ice-cream and cone are made on-site by the experienced Japanese chef Mr. Kazushi Terakawa. Beside the classics such as Tahitian Vanilla, Double Chocolate and Matcha, another top-selling flavor is your next must-try: Hoji cha, a Japanese roasted green tea with a mixture of milk, tasted similar to the well-known Hong Kong styled milk tea. For Dairy-free lover, the Tangram Creamery serves Mango Sorbet and Lychee Sorbet which are naturally sweet and refreshing. If you are looking for stronger yet not-too-sweet taste, Guatemala coffee and salted caramel must be your first pick.
Instead of ordinary waffle cone, Tangram Creamery hand-made their Langues de Chat (French cookies shaped like cat’s tongue) style ice-cream cone which is flaky and sweet. The sweetness of cookie cone fits the ice-cream and brings extra excitement. Also the bottom of the cone is dipped in chocolate which solves the melt-and-leak problem and gives customers a last surprise.
Another signature item in Tangram Creamery is the Macron ice, a hand-made macron with a thick layer of Tangram ice-cream, comes with four refreshing flavors: Raspberry, Matcha, Mango and Black Sesame. Tangram Creamery also produces their coffee brand Tangram Roaster using coffee beans from local farm in BC. One of the owners, Michael Wong who has over 16 years of coffee roasting experience and expertise, is still enthusiastic and conscientious in producing high quality coffee. The coffee in Tangram Creamery offers a strong fruitful odour, and the taste is refreshing and smooth without any sugar and milk. Besides trying the expresso, Wong has recommended the Affogato as the coffee sourness can perfectly match the ice-cream.

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