Cover Photo Idol Contest: Great Vibes and Beautiful People

Congratulations to all our Contestants !

A year ago, Loopp Media came up with an idea to connect popular student clubs from Universities in Vancouver with each other. As Loopp Media aims to showcase local businesses in the Greater Vancouver area, it also wanted to bring that sense of community and connection to the clubs as well. What better way to do this than to create a little friendly competition amongst the clubs and throw a big party at the same time?

After a year of brainstorming this idea and fervent planning, Loopp Media hosted their first successful Cover Photo Idol Contest on Saturday, November 16th at Gossip Nightclub. The contest featured a total of 12 contestants from CCS, CSA, CSSA, HKSA, and YOURS who competed to be on the coveted KLIP Magazine December issue cover. With a great venue to host the contest, with state of the art laser shows and imitate lounges, you know you were in for a good time.

Before the event started, the contestants experienced a VIP treatment and were pampered like Hollywood celebrities, with hair and make up done by Salon Esprit and MakeupbyHeidi. They were also spoiled with manicures from E-Style Beauty Spa and stunning jewelry from Aquamarine Jewelry.

A girl and a guy from each of the clubs gave each other a run for their money on the catwalk, and also competed on Facebook to get the most “Likes” on their photos. To win the competition and grace the cover of KLIP’s December magazine, the contestants needed the highest score combining the 50% of the Facebook score and 50% from the judges. The winners also receive a gift certificate to Gokudo Shabu Shabu and Cray Kitchen+Bar.

The judges consisted of representatives from Salon Esprit, MakeupbyHeidi, Loopp Media, and Envy Entertainment and the contestants consisted of Suiki Zhang, Timothy Lui, Nicola Lam and Gordon Woo from YOURS, Sandy Wu and Scott Chang from HKSA, Jenny Xie and Ryan Yee from CCS, Beca Yin and Allen Xu from CSA, and Margarita Chun and Gavin Deng from CSSA. Kyo Korean BBQ + Sushi House was the Title Sponsor and the other generous event sponsors were ENVY Entertainment, 9Life, Liquid, Double Down Production, Salon Esprit, E-style Beauty Salon, Aquamarine Jewelry, MakeupbyHeidi, Gokudo Shabu Shabu, Konbiniya + Glico, Strawberrycones , and Cray Kitchen+Bar.

The judges awarded a girl and a guy with the most photogenic award, the highest score, and the overall winning award. Although it was definitely tough competition and all contestants showed their enthusiasm, individuality, and good looks, the winners were:

– Overall Winners –
Scott Chang from HKSA
Margarita Chun from CSSA

– Most Photogenic Award –
Scott Chang from HKSA
Margarita Chun from CSSA

– Highest Score from Judges –
Scott Chang from HKSA
Suiki Zhang from YOURS

– Second Highest Score from Judges –
Timothy Lui from YOURS
Margarita Chun from CSSA

– Third Highest Score from Judges –
Gordon Woo from YOURS
Jenny Xie from CCS

– Best Photo on Facebook –
Allen Xu from CSA
Nicola Lam from YOURS

Congratulations to the winners of the Cover Photo Idol Contest! All of the contestants came through as great sports and brought energy to the contest. Margarita Chun and Scott Chang as the new cover girl and cover boy of KLIP, will be featured on the December issue of KLIP as well as other publications and modelling for other brands in the near future.

The support of CCS, CSA, CSSA, HKSA, and YOURS and those who came out to the event and voted on Facebook were also major drivers of the event’s success. Their support made it an unique networking event in town, bringing together members from each of the CCS, CSA, CSSA, HKSA, and YOURS clubs. The night was filled with high energy, party anthems, and great vibes. It ended with a celebration on the dance floor and a lasting memory of the Margarita and Scott on the December cover photo as the first “KLIP’s Cover Photo Idols.”

Want to be a part of Loopp Media’s ever growing community and keep in the” loopp” of upcoming events and contests, like KTV and wine tasting? Join Loopp Media on Facebook so you don’t miss out! And watch out next year for new contestants and winners of future KLIP Cover Photo Idols.

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