Red Flaming serves everything from the West to the East!

Red Flaming Teppanyaki serves you everything from the West to the East! From the mountain to the sea!

Right at the beginning of September, a grand opening of Red Flaming Teppanyaki restaurant will be serving at the Center of Richmond, only 5 minutes walk from the Canada Line Aberdeen station.  With more than 12 years of restaurant operating experience and with 12 well known restaurants back in Mainland China, the owner of Red Flaming Teppanyaki decided to have another one in Richmond, BC. His dream is to satisfy every walk-in or returning customers.

You will be able to sit in the Western style dining atmosphere while enjoying the Eastern style of food and drinks. The dining spaces provided makes you able to have one person quick lunch or one person dining at the sushi bar or having the chi-chat time with 4 to 6 friends or even have a huge party of 20 to 30 people in the VIP rooms and chambers. Special hidden menu will also be provided.

Red Flaming Teppanyaki provides a variety of food and drink options.  Red Flaming Teppanyaki has Kobe Beef from Japan, Angus Beef from Alberta, Big Red Lobsters from the East Coast, Dungeness Crabs and Salmon from the West coast, Alive Abalone from South America.  All ingredients are freshly delivered from each of the specialty providers every morning. Quality control is by the main chef and the owner himself. Making sure that the food they serve is the freshest and at the best quality is Red Flamingo’s goal. Red Flaming Teppanyaki also have liquor license to serve all kinds of BC wine, Chinese wine, Japanese Sake, Cocktail, many kinds of soda pops, and even bubble tea! Not only that, Red Flaming Teppanyaki also serves Swiss Cheese Fondue and Specialty Sashimi and Sushi as well!!!

With such variety of food options, Red Flaming Teppanyaki also provides set menu and combo for customers to choose from. Just in case if you find no where to start from out of such options. The combo menu is served every lunch and dinner or even the late night happy hour time. The price for the late night happy hour is slightly cheaper than the dinner time prices. The combo includes the soup, salad, main Teppanyaki dishes or sushi course, dessert and drink.

Feeling hungry already? Call now and make the reservation at 604-278-6008. Red Flaming Teppanyaki is located at 180-4260 No. 3 Rd. Richmond, BC.V6X 1C4.

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