ANA SKY SHOP 全日空機內限定品

  1. 白鳳堂 化妝筆 櫻花套裝 (Hakuhodo Sakura Make up Brush Set)

專業化妝筆七支附上兩個易攜帶小包的套裝, 全日空限定版

備受化妝師的親睞, 內含眼影刷, 眼線筆, 眉筆, 眉刷, 腮紅刷及粉底刷


ANA original professional make up brush set, including powder brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, eye liner, and eye brow brush and comb. It comes with 2 easy-carry pouches to store the brushes. Good for traveling.

  1. 歐舒丹亞爾女神潤手霜及身體護理套裝+全日空原創手提袋

(L’OCCITANE Hands & Body L’ARLESIENNE Special collection with ANA Original Bag)

這是全日空獨家潤手霜及身體護理套裝, 還附上設計精緻方便收納攜帶的原創手提購物袋喔!

A hands and body collection exclusively designed for ANA, combining the new feminine Arlesienne scent. The set also includes a colorful and foldable ANA original design bag which is perfect to carry around!

  1. 施華洛世奇 全日空獨家設計 優雅花型項鍊 (Swarovski Elegant Flower Necklace ANA Original Design)

這款只有在全日空機內才買得到喔! 花瓣和中心等處施華洛世奇水晶優雅散落, 纖細的設計超迷人

Swarovski  necklace available only in ANA in-flight shopping. Its dainty design featuring Swarovski crystals inlaid on the flower petals and the center piece is charming.

  1. 歐舒丹甜蜜潤唇膏套裝 (L’OCCITANE Sweet Lips)


平時各別買一支裝要加幣$18, 全日空機內4支套裝才賣4200日圓(大概匯率加幣$42)還免稅喔!

還有個別包裝, 送禮特別實惠

A collection of new scented lip balms with shea butter for sweet and nourished lips. It only costs around $42 for four and no tax! ($18 each on L’OOCITANE’s online shop)

  1. 伊芙 聖洛朗 迷魅唇彩 2支裝 (YVES Saint Laurent Gloss Volupte Duo)

這款法國高級唇彩輕盈觸感不黏膩,  只在ANA機內販售喔! 兩支裝打了79折喔! 機內限定品超划算!

Non-sticky lip gloss glides on comfortably, endowing lips with loads of shine and moisture.  This set is 29% off from the original prices. Only for in-flight selling.

  1. 愛蕾雅 乳木果護手霜迷你套裝 (Lollia Shea Butter Hand Cream La Collection)


每個有分別包裝盒, 送禮自用兩相宜!

From “LOLLIA”, a favorite in New York. Here are 5 varieties of soothing hand creams. It’s ANA’s original set. It comes with individual packages; good for souvenirs.

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