California Fun Time with Fresh Live Crab Madness

It is lucky of us Vancouverites to be able to enjoy all different types of cuisine at top level ratings. After all, Vancouver’s seafood restaurants are the best of the bests! Here is a new and better way of enjoying the favorites. How about try eating like a barbarian, using your bare hands, cracking open seafood shells, and enjoying that mouthwatering freshness of ocean taste dripping off your fingertips. There is nothing more exciting than whacking away on your dinner table with a mallet, ripping seafood out of its hard shield, and burning those unwanted calories while you eat. Are you ready for lots crab? Lots shells? Lots mess? Or most importantly, lots fun?! Here we present you, the ONE and ONLY in Vancouver, So Crab So Good!
So Crab So Good, an easy access from Vancouver and Burnaby, is located on Hasting Street, only two blocks east of Boundary Road. Their menu offers a variety of food and drink options. Established in 2012, So Crab So Good was inspired by the idea of feasting off with your fingertips and enjoying every bits of the juicy seafood off your own hands. Instead of driving all the way to Seattle Pier, you not only save both time and gas but to enjoy the seafood feast a much better and more delicious way than the ones you can find in Seattle.

The Food

So Crab So Good offers not only a wide selection of fresh local seafood; the big and live crabs are especially eye catching. If you have a hard time making up your mind on the menu, the “seafood feast” they provide can totally save your time on deciding. The feast combo always includes fresh local seafood such as clam, mussel, squid, shrimp, and your choice with or without “fresh LIVE crab” at only ten dollars difference. But CRAB, is the way to go. What is even more impressive about the feast combo is that all the seafood are contained in a specially made steel bucket. The presentation is stunning and would totally open up your appetite and the barbarian instinct of feasting. Not only are the fresh seafood, there are also abundance of delicious sides included in this bucket: corn on cob, red skin potatoes and sausages. It is not all yet! On top of what is already included in the menu, there are also various seasonal add-ons such as seasonal vegetable, fish balls, pasta and more. Come in different times of the year and be pleasantly surprised!
If all of the above has not amazed you, let me introduce you to the ONE and ONLY in Vancouver: “Shrimp Pepper Pot”. This is an oriental dish made for the love of peppers. Imagine the mouth-watering smell of fresh ground pepper, large fresh-shrimp-filled bucket, presented in front of you. All the shrimps are cooked to perfection with their In-House So Crab So Good Seasonings with fresh ground peppers. This is very spicy yet overwhelmingly delicious. You have been WARNED!No seafood is good enough without the In-House So Crab So Good Seasonings that were originated and created in Southern California. So Crab So Good has definitely thought of every aspect very thoroughly! Not only uses a breadth of spices but also draws inspiration from several different cuisines from both the East and the West to satisfy customers’ different taste buds. The different levels of spiciness: light, mild, medium, and spicy. Specialty In-House So Crab So Good Sauces have brought the seafood into a whole new different level. The Hala-Cajun, spiciest sauce yet just enough to bring out more astounding flavors of the seafood. The Garlic-Butter, where freshly ground garlic meets milky butter, makes a good choice for non-spicy folks. The Holy-Smoke, a combination of lemon pepper, garlic butter, Hala-Cajun, a creation above all creations. Holy-Smoke has got them all. When you can’t decide on which sauce to get? Holy-Smoke is the way to go!
All great food also needs to pair with great drinks. How can a restaurant like this be without some nice drinks? The good news is that on top of different choices of pop drinks, the restaurant is fully licensed with the cheapest beer in town! So get ready to gulp your favorite drink and enjoy your dining experience to the fullest!
Oh and did we mention the freshness of their food is impeccable? No food is good if it is not fresh. The seafood is monitored directly by the main chef as well as the owner himself to ensure top quality of all dishes being served on the table.


Each diner is offered a wooden block, a wooden mallet, a fork, a pick and a pair of plastic gloves. For a full barbarian experience, why not leave the gloves OFF to fully enjoy a finger licking good time at the dining table. Here is the place that no parents can correct children for poor table manner and no friends or couple can judge dinning appearance because it is actually stylish at So Crab So Good! A full-service Wine Bar and the Southern Californian Style restaurant with large screen TVs on the wall not only brings you high-end quality food and services, yet it is not restricted to dine with relax and fun mood.


We have said what we can say here. Are you drooling? Wake up from hibernation and start calling up your friends and family for that spring gathering everyone has been waiting. So Crab So Good awaits you!

So Crab So Good | 3853 Hastings St, Burnaby, BC | Call now and make a reservation at 604-620-8906

Write by K.Yang

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