LOCKDOWN was created with a VISION

LOCKDOWN was created  with a VISION

BRING each individual player a movie-like experience

IMMERGE each player into the story line or movie theme

ENSURE SAFETY All props have been properly tested

REALISTICALLY creating each game room to perfection down to the finest details

Most Escape games consist of simply looking for keys and decoding numerical passwords, but you are in for a SURPRISE at Lockdown Escape. This is the ONE & ONLY Escape game which uses hidden automated mechanisms, booby traps, and secret passages for the player to explore and find. Instead of sitting there crunching numbers in your head, you will be scouring every corner of the room for clues and secrets. What will you find? Where will it lead you?
Come and experience it with your friends.


The experience will make you feel like the main character of a movie!
Book now at bookeo.com/lockdown

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