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Nowadays, it is not only women who have a beauty regime; men also need to take care of their appearance. The men’s beauty market is thriving, where there are more and more products to choose from for male grooming. Now let’s take a look at some of the most popular and hottest products recommended by KLIP!



La Colline-Cellular Cleansing & Exfoliating Gel
Perfectly adapted to the specific needs of men’s skin, this 2-in-1 fresh gel cleanses and exfoliates. It’s mechanical and biological exfoliation perfectly eliminates dead cells, excess sebum and impurities. @ Shifeon

User’s Voice
This gel provides a pleasurable face-washing experience with rather small exfoliant, which is just the right size to cleanse every single pores, accompanied by refreshing citric/woody aroma, leaving lasting warmth on your skin.
By Kent (21)

Clinique-Face Soap Regular Strength
Cleans thoroughly; skin feels fresh, comfortable, never tight or dry. Clinically formulated by Clinique’s guiding dermatologists to meet men’s needs with dry to average skin. @ Drug Store

Biotherm-HOMME Cleansing Gel
Thoroughly cleanses and rids skin of impurities while respecting the skin’s surface. Preps skin for shaving, softening both the skin and bristles. @ Shifeon, Drug Store, Sephora

Naurgo-Men’s Clay Face Wash Refreshing
The cleaning ingredients and natural clay, adsorption drops to clean the pores hunks. Skin firm resolution, refreshing cool feeling lasts. @ Konbiniya Japan Centre, T&T Supermarket

Biotherm-HOMME Face Scrub Facial Exfoliator Eliminates Impurities
*Deeper Cleansing
Lightly foaming action clears skin of everyday impurities and secretions. A foaming cleansing gel deeply cleanses round particles and gently removes dead skin cells and stubborn cutting, making the skin smooth and bright. @ Shifeon, Drug Store, Sephora

Cellmen-Rare Mask
High performance treatment mask detoxifies, purifies and minimizes signs of aging. Cutting edge treatments designed specifically for men using the advanced technology of Cell Control Method. @ Shifeon

Tip: After exfoliating, moisturizing facial mask should be immediately applied for further absorption of nutrition to your skin.

Serum & Moisturizers

Clarins-Super Moisture Gel
Discover an innovation in Men’s moisturizing and hydration care. Super Moisture Balm helps revitalize firm skin on contact and protect against pollution. @ Shifeon, Drug Store

User’s Voice
It instantly moisturized the skin after applying the product. It also comforted the razor burns after shaving.
By Raimed (28)

La Colline-Cellular Revitalizing Care
This global anti-aging care restores tired skins, thanks to its triple action on hydration, signs of fatigue, wrinkles and fine lines. In an instant, the skin feels suppler and firmer with its tone restored to reduce the visible signs of aging. @ Shifeon

User’s Voice
First, feel the thickness of this lotion. This mighty lotion instantly moisturizes your skin while restoring smoothness and elasticity. You’ll want to touch your skin again and again!
By Kent (21)

Biotherm-HOMME Force Supreme
A powerful concentrate targeted to rebuild the appearance of skin that has been damaged over time.
@ Shifeon, Drug Store, Sephora

User’s Voice
It refreshes the wrinkeled area after applying on skin. After a few days of usage, the wrinkle starts to fade away.
By Joshua (24)

Shaving Product

Neutrogena-Men Razor Defense Daily Face Lotion
This multi-vitamin formula contains a conditioner to help prevent razor irritation. It softens skin and makes the beard feel softer and easier to shave. @ Drug Store

Lab series-3-in-1 Post-Shave
Breakthrough triple action gel formula treats in-grown hairs, soothes and prevents razor bumps and refines beard over time for easier, less frequent shaves. Absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling smooth and refreshed.
@ Drug Store, Sephora


Shiseido UNO-Fiber Neo Hair Wax Mat Creator
It contains Super Hyaluronic Acid with approximately two times more water-holding capacity than a Hyaluronic Acid. It generously moistures every corner of the corneum. @ T&T Supermarket, Osaka Supermarket

Nakano-Fiber Styling Wax 4 Hard type
It is bundles styling wax that gives natural and steady movement to hair tip, keeps hair style for a long time. Prevents fading of Hair color.

UEVO-Neutral Wax (Red)
With medium hold and shine, Uevo Design Cube Neutral Wax gives your hair a natural soft flow. Perfect for any hair types that require a natural flow and shine.

GATSBY-Moving Rubber Multi Form Hair Wax
This wax is great for adding a lot of volume to those short layers. Once you use, you can restyle your hair later in the day without using any additional product. @ Konbiniya Japan Centre, T&T Supermarket

GATSBY-Quick Moving Water Wax Airy Lock
The water wax contains Aqua rubber you can fix your hair throughout the day as much as you want without any stickiness on your hand and hair. @ Konbiniya Japan Centre

Body Spray

Adidas-Ice Dive Deo Body Spray
This sporty deodorant was developed with athletes for athletes and everybody else. You can now smell good before and after the game. @ Adidas, Drug Store

Axe Apollo-Deodorant Body Spray
A unique all-over deodorant body spray that combines a quality fragrance with effective deodorant protection to keep you smelling great all day or all night. @ Drug Store

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